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Conceria Umberto Russo

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The Company was founded by Umberto Russo in 1959, and thanks to the quality of our production the company began to supply top brands in the 1980s.




Conceria U. Russo is specialised in the production of kid, chamois and nappa destined for use in shoes, leather goods and handbags for both men and women.
Today Conceria U. Russo can supply more than eighty types of product, taking great care with the personalisations desired.
The utmost quality, elegance and technique of the product derive from meticulous daily care, which begins with the purchase of top-quality raw materials. The quest for quality continues with the detailed and scrupulous work performed by more than 50 staff and uses a computerised system to check quality standards in all phases of the production process.
Daily production is around 2,000 square metres of hides and today we are one of the few companies that can provide all phases of the tanning process within the company. This advantage should not be disregarded if you want to guarantee the utmost quality and the best possible service.


Conceria Umberto Russo